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Note: Prices valid until 6/30/2009


Priority:  Listings that have "Priority" are moved to the top of the alphabetical "Search Results" list, regardless of their spelling. Better placement results in a higher click through rate.


Multiple Categories:  A golf course may want to be listed in the "Recreation" and "Golf" categories.  For the most recent list of categories, visit the Full Directory.  Depending on how you golf, you may also think it should be listed in the "Beach" or "Forestry" categories. Pricing:  $50 per year per additional category.

Rotating Banner Ads:  These mini-banners rotate throughout the Web site. We design two mini-banners (at no charge) and you select which one you want to put into rotation. Pricing: $250 per year.

Keyword Placement: This feature relates specifically to the search box on the home page and the Keyword Search page. The site's search engine searches every word related to your company's listing, including additional keywords that you specify.  These keywords are not displayed to the public. Pricing: $10 per year per word.

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